A passion for people. A passion for inspiring all human potential.

There’s no denying it. The passion to inspire others is what drives Solvere. It’s an intense passion that energizes us to bring out the best in every partner relationship; community resident, family member, staff member, developer, owner and Solvere’s own team members. That’s what makes Solvere unique in its approach to senior housing, be it a new development or a community in need of turnaround or growth. Passion is where it starts. To find out how that passion leads to value-driven, innovative solutions, read on.

Our very name – Solvere – Latin for “to solve,” embodies our sole mission; to create value-driven, innovative solutions.

Value-driven, innovative solutions are more than our mission. They are your path to success.

While many larger firms rely on standardized solutions, Solvere digs deep and wide to get to know the customer, the market, the competition and the community – inside out. Our years of experience have taught us that every community is one-of-a-kind, so we craft original management action plans for every community. Solvere’s top-to-bottom management skills and value-driven, innovative, engaging programs assure optimal return on your investment dollars.

Values Statement: Building relationships through integrity, transparency, loyalty and entrepreneurship.

Company values that prove to be invaluable to those we serve.

80% of Solvere’s business comes from referrals or repeat business. Word gets around when you have satisfied customers. Our values play a role in that satisfaction. Not all companies aspire to a core set of values. Solvere’s are heartfelt, deliberate and steadfast. We put owners’ and customers’ needs first and foremost. We value integrity in our work, transparency in our relationships and loyalty among ourselves and to those with whom we are privileged to work. Our entrepreneurial spirit keeps us motivated to work longer, harder and smarter. With values like these, Solvere and clients like you are destined to flourish.